Kuvasz Rescue

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.

Mark Twain

Kuvasz Rescue is an effort by some lovers of the breed to take care of the Kuvasz that fall on hard times. Kuvasz Rescue is financed by donations and the sale of T-shirts and other items. While not many Kuvasz find themselves in trouble, there are still enough to warrant our efforts.

A Kuvasz can find it's way to rescue in various ways. The most common path is the family who decides that they can no longer keep the dog. Frequently these dogs are good dogs that have been ignored but not neglected or abused. With a loving owner and some obedience training, these dogs become excellent pets.

Occasionally a Kuvasz will be found at a shelter or pound. Typically nothing is known of the background of these dogs and temperament evaluations are all we have to base our judgment on.

When a prospective owner calls Kuvasz Rescue, we interview them to determine what they want from a dog. The interviewer will ask about the prospective owner's experience with dogs and about the household environment. No dog will be placed if the placement does not benefit both the new owner and the dog.

[Susie in rescue vest]

Charges for a rescue dog can vary, but are usually less than the price of a puppy. Expenses for travel and shipping, veterinary care or neutering has to be paid for. We require all dogs placed through Rescue to be neutered. We will attempt to get the previous owner to pay for the surgery or to assist with funds.

Your Rescue contact will assist you with finding an obedience school. Rescue will also help if you have any questions regarding your Kuvasz's health or behavior. Unless you are seeking a show prospect, consider a Rescue dog.

If you would like to hear more about Kuvasz Rescue, contact the Rescue Committee. Thank you.

Dogs that need homes

Kuvasz Rescue is going through an extensive redesign. We will soon have all Kuvasz needing placement available for review on the web, along with representives in each state to handle contacts with potential owners. Some states still need a rescue contact. If you would like to help Kuvasz through rescue please contact the Rescue Committee.

Rescue Stories


Ryker Ryker was picked up on the street by a city pound in New Jersey. He was removed from the shelter and sent to a new home in Montreal Quebec.

His new family reports " When we rescued Ryker he was only 75 pounds and extremely skinny. ..... His coat was thick yet terribly matted, a sign that he was probably out all winter. He stank like garbage. ..... He had no toenails. It was months before we had any toenails to clip! He probably walked or ran his toenails off. ....

"That was then, this is now. Ryker is close to 110 pounds ... He has a beautiful wavy coat and thick toenails. He is as calm as you can imagine. ... Ryker took second place in his advanced basic obedience class and has the potential to become a top obedience dog. ... Nikita loves him and he loves Nikita! I would never think of splitting these two apart. ...

"Our hearts break when we think that someone out there let a terrific puppy live out on the streets to fend for himself. If we had not rescued him, where would he be today?"

Ryker and Nikita


[Ripley at Christmas] Ripley was found, living on her own, guarding three goats. She had been injured defending her goats against another dog. When the shelter captured her she was emaciated and had numerous injuries. The shelter contacted Kuvasz Rescue and a volunteer took her into their home. After evaluation and rehabilitation she was placed into a new home. Ripley's new owner says "She guards our house loyally and is a happy, healthy, well adjusted member of our family."


[Kutya and Dempsey] Kutya was bred by a back yard breeder in Ohio. He was sold as an eight week old puppy to a couple in their 70's. By the time he was six months old he was becoming too strong for the couple and they wished to place him. The owners contacted an Ohio Kuvasz breeder to try to find a home for Kutya. The breeder called Kuvasz Rescue.

The Kuvasz Rescue member contacted a woman in the Detroit area who had inquired about getting a rescue Kuvasz a few weeks before. Soon, Kutya was on his way to his new home and family. Kutya idolizes his new big brother Dempsey. It's been three years since Kutya moved into his new home and his new owners are thrilled with him.

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